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Who is Who in Chacolinks.

Who We Are - Present Trustees:

Professor Jeremy MacClancy is Chacolinks' Chair and is Professor of Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University.

Clare Passingham is Chacolinks' Secretary and is in charge of membership liaison. She lives in Oxford and has campaigned for indigenous rights for over twenty years.

Stefan Wilson is Chacolinks' Treasurer and has visited the Zlaqatahyi communities. He lives in Birmingham. He works as a counsellor at Birmingham City University and teaches counselling at the University of Leicester'. Richard Solly is a human rights campaigner and long-term activist for indigenous rights. He lives in London. He has visited the Zlaqatahyi communities, and the report he wrote about his visit, is called 'The Peaceful People' and is available on our website.

Robin Shepherd lives near Southampton and teaches at Portsmouth University.

Imogen Solly is a recent Oxford anthropology graduate, who lives in London. She edits the Chacolinks' newsletter.

Edward Davey is Programme Manager for The Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit, a think tank and convening organisation addressing climate change, rainforests, agriculture and natural resource issues. He has a Master's Degree in Environment and Development at The London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, when he first discovered Chacolinks at the Oxford One World Fair. He has worked for Oxfam, the UN Human Development Report, the AMAR Foundation, Kids Company and has a particular interest in Latin America, indigenous peoples and sustainability.

Our Anthropological Advisor in Argentina is Dr John Palmer. He is an Oxford-trained anthropologist who has a Wichí wife and has lived close to the Zlaqatahyi communities for many years. He is trilingual in English, Wichí and Spanish. He is our main source of information from the Zlaqatahyi communities in Salta Province.

David Gastao is our French Representative. He lives in Paris and is an engineer; he has also visited the communities in Argentina. He has set up a French language website and our Facebook page.

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