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Tropic of Capricorn: Simon Reeve Visits the Wichí

Simon Reeve visits the Zlaqatahyi Communities Simon Reeve filmed a visit to the communities of 'Our Forest' (Zlaqatahyi) which included the attack with bulldozers on the forest close to the communities of Sopfwayuk and Chowayuk. In November 2007, members of Hoktek T'oi, Sopfwayuk and Chowayuk communities brought two bulldozers to a standstill. These were ripping out a tract of tropical forest (estimated at 375 hectares) without authorization. The abuse was immediately reported to the provincial Ministry of the Environment but, given the total lack of government response, we have supported legal action. to maintain the stoppage. For televised coverage of the case, see the links page to get details of Simon Reeve's BBC2 series on 'Tropic of Capricorn'. On his visit he also filmed a honey-hunting expedition.

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