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Letter from Zlaqatahyi communities

Friends from Chacolinks, 

We send you thanks for your help. We know that you are worried about the forest disappearing. We too are opposed to the destruction of the forest, which is why we are preventing intruders from putting up fences or cutting down the forest. 

We recently put a stop to outsiders who tried to take possession of a huge area of our forest. Since they would not listen to us, we sent them away. And we confiscated their vehicle, because they took us for granted. 

For that reason we were attacked by a large police force. On that day our leaders were not present. They had gone to the government. Only the women and children remained, and nine men. An elder called Casio was heavily wounded by the police, who shot at him with guns. And Casio's sister was made ill by the gases they fired at us. 

As a result we took the police to court. We know that it is thanks to the support that you in Chacolinks provide towards legal costs that we have a woman lawyer working on the case. We are now waiting for the judge to pass verdict on the crimes committed against us. But it was the same judge who gave the order for the police to attack us. The judge himself sent the police. So we are afraid that the judge will dismiss our case. 

Now we know that you have recently written to the President of Argentina, urging him to investigate the incident. The President should pay attention to you and ensure that justice is done. 

Kinsmen and kinswomen, were it not for you, we would be in a bad way at this time. We are very grateful for your vital support. Between us we should look for the right path for our children to follow. 

To view this letter in Wichí click on the link below: 

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